Robyn Woodman

Chief Partnership Catalyst

Robyn Woodman Kapoosta Partners Robyn is a veteran of the start-up community and is known for creatively solving problems, driving projects, and vetting ideas for maximum resource allocation. In her own words, “Knowing what to say ‘no’ to is just as important as knowing when to say yes.” A savvy collaborator, Robyn defines and drives partnerships, providing the best possible experience for all stakeholders. Patterning her lifestyle around a holistic philosophy of mind, body, and soul, Robyn is fully entrenched in the wellness industry and has a firm grasp on the direction it’s heading, from fitness apps to meditation studios. Robyn is the sole founder of the Woodman Group consulting firm, sits on the Advisory Board of Firebrand Sports, and advises many other wellness and lifestyle brands. Robyn earned her BS in Biology at Illinois State University and MS in Biology at Western Washington University.